Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day #100: Thankful for My Readers

Well, this blog project has made it to Day #100. It hasn't been too hard, and the time has been flying by. Before you know it we'll be at Day #365.

I guess these first one hundred days has taught me quite a bit about myself as a writer. For one, I have realized that I keep going back and forth between anxiety and apathy. Sometimes I feel anxiety because I'm not very good about marketing myself as an author. And then sometimes I feel completely apathetic about social media -- things like creating a platform seem foolish when the real important work is the writing itself.

Anyway, among the many things I have learned is that I am truly thankful for my readers. I don't really have much of a following, but I do have drama teachers, students, friends, and family members who sometimes pick up a copy of my plays or my children's book and give it a read. If I didn't have them my characters would be lonely.

Today, yet another good friend -- and ever-important reader -- spent $25 to fund the Camp Omigosh Indiegogo Campaign. I am so grateful for her and everyone else that believes in my work. I cannot thank you guys enough.

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