Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day #94: Fingers Crossed

The phrase "Fingers Crossed" is something I always say to my agent whenever she sends one of my manuscripts out into the world.

Currently, I have my fingers crossed for a single submission. My agent sent my latest picture book to the editor who acquired my last manuscript. (I'm intentionally keeping names and titles vague, because I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to reveal about all this behind the scenes stuff!)

Anyway, that editor has been given an exclusive... and there's about two weeks left until we get feedback. After that, assuming that it's a pass, my agent will send the work to about a dozen other places. But I am keeping my fingers crossed that the first editor loves my little book. I know most picture book authors write for many different houses, but I'd like to find a company to grow old with... Once somebody likes my work, I wanna stick with them for as long as they'll have me. I'm kinda faithful that way.  

P.S. As far as reaching my challenge total, this current project is the only way I can see myself getting near my goal. So, double fingers crossed!

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