Monday, August 3, 2015

Day #187: VidCon Recap!

Today is our third day at VidCon, a convention that loves all things YouTube. My daughters and I have had an incredible time here. 

This was my (and Cheri's) Christmas present to the girls, and judging from the smiles on their faces, it might be the best present ever. The girls are very inspired to start working on their own YouTube project, and I've been thinking more about my lackluster social media presence. This generation makes connecting with audiences look so easy; it makes me want to try harder to develop a small fan base to help expand my writing career. 
As I sit here in the Kia Arena waiting for the girls to dance their butts off at the VidCon prom, I've been reflecting on my failed attempt to create a blog post for everyday of the week. And you know what? I can still do it retroactively. So, instead of dancing, I'm going to be blogging my butt off to get back on track.

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