Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day #204: Saying Goodbye to Summer 2015

Ah, summer vacation... how did you go by so quickly? I tried to make those days of freedom last... But they flew on by. Fortunately, I had a lot of fun, and I accomplished quite a few things.

The whole family helped make West Side Story a hit show. Cheri won a Goldie for with direction, along with her partner Patti Finley. Mackenzie won for lighting design -- partnered with John Morris -- and Emily did a bang up job as the spotlight operator... And then she stepped in during the last weekend to become a Shark girl!!!

We put installed new flooring in Mackenzie's room, and we ordered new carpet for the stairs and second floor hallway. (Lucky for me, we had professionals do the install on that project!)

The girls and the Perry children went on an incredible spy adventure, that involved creepy villains and a drone attack.

We spent three weeks in
Washington state, including a surprisingly relaxing camping trip at Lake Chelan State park... Oh, did I mention I rode a wave runner for the first time?

When we returned to
California, I attended back to back conferences. The first was VidCon with the girls. The second was the SCBWI conference, which I'll probably spend the rest of the year blogging about, bit by bit.

All in all, an awesome summer that flew by way too fast. 

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