Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day #217: Camp Omigosh Needs Campers

Right now, my book
Camp Omigosh isn't selling very many copies. It's my own fault. When the book was first released, lots of friends, family, and a few fans bought hard covers. But a month later I was doing zero publicity, and now it's been out a whole summer and I'm still not doing anything to generate momentum.

The thing is, I've moved onto other projects, mainly my graphic novel "
Duck Town." The semester has begun, I've got five classes, and very little free time. I've chosen to use my free time focusing on "Duck Town." I hope this isn't a mistake. Camp Omigosh still needs love. It needs to have more proofreading to weed out the last of the typos. And it needs to have an audience, which means I need to invest time and maybe some money so that the book can gain more attention.

On the plus side, Laurisa White Reyes has featured the cover on Middle Shelf, so that's cool! 

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