Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day #190: VidCon Overview

So, what did we do at VidCon? We met and listened to a whole bunch of Youtube icons, including -- but not limited to the following:

Hank Green (we not only watched him present the opening ceremonies with his brother, but we also watched him in concert with the Perfect Strangers.)

Glozell Green ( no relation to John and Hank) who announced that she'll soon be a mother.

Wheezy Waiter -- aka Craig Benzine, one of the wittiest/smartest Youtubers I've seen. The guys from VSauce (probably even smarter than Wheezy)

Josh Sunquist -- with whom I briefly mentioned SCBWI. I hope he joins our organization because he's an inspiring author and teens love his work.
JacksFilms -- I was worried that this guy would be snarky with his fans, but he was awesome. According to Emily, he's the "most energizing Youtuber I met at VidCon."

Mackenzie and Emily also met lots of people, many of whom I'm a bit clueless about -- but the girls have really good taste in what they watch, and I have a feeling this time next year I'll be watching new people on my computer via osmosis.

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