Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day #202: My New Daily Routine

I'm still processing the many lessons I've learned from this year's SCBWI conference. I plan to distill many of those lessons in future blog posts -- though to be perfectly honest I think I say that every year and have yet to deliver,

However, I did take away one clear message that was delivered again and again, one keynote speaker after the next. The message is simple:

Do the work.

Some of the authors and illustrators have been putting in the work for years, getting up early and staying up late, all the while constantly honing their craft. I've certainly put in my 10,000 hours, but that doesn't mean I'm a master. I've got to double my efforts, especially now since I have two projects in the works. I want to turn the two into four, eight, and beyond.

So, how do I plan to apply this lesson to my life? I'm dedicating my mornings and or evenings to
Duck Town. I am planning to draw and ink at least a page and a half everyday from now until December 18th, the day Star Wars: Episode Seven opens.

Wish me luck... Or should I say, wish me duck. 

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