Saturday, August 29, 2015

Day #209 - 216: Work and Loneliness

Let's do another flash forward to catch things up.

If I was more ambitious, I would try to tediously go through each day during my first week of school, but instead allow me to summarize:

My family went to Hawaii for a one week vacation. I stayed home in the sweltering heat and taught my first week of fall semester.

I did not work on Duck Town. I spent most of my time at home prepping for classes, finalizing schedules, and proofreading curriculum.

Yeah, I was lonely, but time went by quickly. The dogs kept me company. The worst thing has been the heat. Our house is way too hot. Blah!

Fortunately, after my family returned from their tropical paradise, I managed to return to my creative life, so Duck Town is in production once again.

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