Monday, January 23, 2017

Musical Mondays! (Assignment #2: Write a Song)

We had an awesome day in Creative Writing. (At least I did. Hopefully my students enjoyed their time as well.)

Several of the students shared their song lyrics, and one student even brought a guitar. (She rocked!) Another student sent me a link to his soundcloud account, so I was able to listen to two of his songs. (Goof lyrics -- good instrumentation too.) And yet another student collaborated with her boyfriend to record her song in all its glory.

We've got a lot of talented artists in this classroom. I have a feeling the ones that shared today have inspired some of the students who aren't as musically inclined, so I am hoping that we'll hear more song material in the near future.

I highly encourage students to connect with each other throughout the course of the semester. When artists collaborate beautiful works of art can be created. Here's a brief example of one of my favorite collaborations:

If you decided to create song lyrics for Experiment #2, feel free to use the comment section to discuss your experience, share your favorite lyrics, or leave links to websites and Youtube videos that provided assistance and inspiration.

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