Saturday, January 7, 2017

Take More Pictures

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to take more pictures. I am a rather lousy photographer, but that's okay. I'm planning to take more photographs simply because I realize how much they help us remember our past.

When the girls were little, my wife would always insist that we bring them to the photographers in the mall for just about every occasion: Christmas, Easter, Arbor Day, etc. At the time I thought it was excessive. "Why do you need so many pictures? Why can't we just remember these moments." Well, now that my eldest daughter is 18 I am so thankful for my wife's instinct... because there's a whole bunch of stuff I wouldn't remember without these visual triggers.

But in addition to remembering loved ones, I like the idea of remembering places. Especially places we used to call home.

This is a short video (and my first attempt at an animated gif) we took on Camano Island when it started to snow. I didn't grow up on Camano, but in the suburbs of Edmonds. Still, the combination of rain and snowflakes reminds me of my childhood.

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