Thursday, January 5, 2017

Peace of Mind

I might have a problem... it seems I am only truly content when I'm working on a creative project. I get pretty grouchy with myself if I don't have something in the works. For example, yesterday I had an inkling of an idea for a new children's book, but there was no time to get started, no time to write. I felt irritable the whole day.

Today, I began writing the first 100 words, and even though I had stuff to do all afternoon (including sitting in the passenger seat while my eldest daughter practiced driving --eek!), I felt peaceful because I knew that I was in the middle of telling a story.

Tonight I've been able to spend the last three hours finishing the first draft, followed by tinkering and bits of revision here and there. Sometimes I wrote on my iPad sometimes I wrote in my fancy journal. I went back and forth, working digitally when the mood felt right, then working in pencil when I wanted to get unstuck.

I don't know what my agent will say about my latest manuscript, but right now I am enjoying the deep, calming sensation that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

I wish that for all of us. Wouldn't it be nice if 2017 felt like this the whole year through?

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