Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Curious Quiet

It's been over a year since I sold my Picture Book #4... And in keeping with my personal tradition of Never Being Satisfied, I am eagerly hoping that #5 will be picked up sometime this year.

My latest manuscript is currently in the hands (or trash bins) of 13 editors. Actually, that's not true any more. Two editors politely turned down the project, leaving 11. Those remaining editors have been curiously quiet. Two weeks have gone by without a peep. This probably means that they just haven't gotten around to reading it, and my agent will hear from them in a month or so. But my optimistic side wonders if some of the editors are celebrating the manuscript, passing it around the office, showing it off to the marketing department, high fiving the publisher, and trying to calculate the precise number of zeroes that belong on my advance.

Then again, my pessimistic side assumes that they have all read the manuscript and they hate it so much they won't even bother with a rejection letter.

Which version will prove true? I'll let you know as soon as there is a break in the silence.

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