Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Word-Count Wednesday - Feb. 15th, 2017

Lots to talk about today. It's been a productive week.

What Am I Working On?

Let's see... I finished writing the publicity information for my new one-act play -- which means that it is now online and in print! Ta-da!

As you can tell by the mesmerizing graphic, the play is called "The Twilight Cone." It's about a young man experiencing his first day on the job at an unusual ice cream parlor. Turns out, every flavor triggers a unique "twilight zonish" chain of events.

In other news, I finished the revision of my picture book, so my agent sent it out into the world! It is currently on the desks of 12 different editors. Twelve chances. I'll keep you posted as the results trickle in.

And finally, I've had a creative breakthrough. I have decided on a new long term project. I was calling it Kettle Black for a while, but I'll probably come up with a new title further down the line. I finished the first chapter yesterday. So far, I love working with these characters. They remind me of my daughters when they were younger.

Word Count: 2500 words. (That makes up for last week's failure.)

How Do I Feel About the Process?

Very good. I think I'd like to get feedback about the first chapter. That's a little scary because sometimes feedback inspires and sometimes it discourages. But I'd love to get a few first impressions from readers.

What Am I Reading?

Narrative essays written by my English 1A students. Lots and lots of essays.

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