Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mistakes Were Made

I taught two classes on Monday and when I got home, Cheri and the girls left for Disneyland. (They had an okay time that evening, but there was a multi-car fire in the parking structure, so that absorbed a lot of their time; it took forever to get intobthe park.)

While their misadventure was going on, I planned to have a relaxing and productive evening all by my lonesome. I expected to grade eight essays and then return to my creative project, a brand new book that I'm very excited about.

I thought I was going to be good and responsible by choosing to get grown-up work out of the way. That was my mistake.

If you are feeling creative, you should work on your art! Inspiration combined with ambition is a rare and beautiful thing. Don't deny the muse when it calls to you!

Instead, I tried to grade those darn essays... And I got distracted... I had to walk the dogs,  had a meeting at the theater I nearly forgot about, and to top it all off I made really bad food choices: ten Candy Cane Jo-Jo cookies, four girl scout cookies (all hail the Samoans!) two salami bagel sandwiches, one large Beatles coffee-mug filled with Moose Tracks Ice Cream. (Although I did choose the reduced fat kind, so Bravo for me.)

By the end of the evening, I graded six essays instead of reaching my goal, and I didn't write a single sentence of my novel.

Fortunately, I did not make the same mistake today. Chapter One is finished!

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