Saturday, May 21, 2016

All Busy, No Business (Summer 2016 - Day Four)

It was one of those days. lots of stuff to do, but not much gets done. At least not much creative stuff.

Cheri was productive, though. She woke up at 7am, then she woke me up two hours later. I went to Costco for snacks, then to Target to get some presents for one of the karate kid's birthday party. Back at home, I straightened my office for a half hour. Then Em and I went to pick up Mackenzie from the theater (she was finishing up her lighting design).

Then I dropped them off at the birthday party, went home, delivered Cheri's ipad to Nanook (the sound designer), went back home, picked up the girls from the party, went back home, took Mackenzie back to the theater, helped her take down the scaffolding, then TimBen and Mike Smith were unloading stuff from the annex and loading up stuff to be trashed -- so I helped them for a coupke of hours. Came home, went to In-N-Out for Emily and me... Went home, consumed burgers. we started to walk the dogs but then we found a stray cat that needed help finding its home.

Em escorted the cat to its human family. Then we walked the dogs. Then I took the girls to ColdStone. Mackenzie hasn't had ice cream for about eight months, and she decided to treat herself.

So a lot of transportation and busy-body stuff, but I didn't find the time to work on Duck Town.

Still, it's not all bad. Mackenzie picked out Singin in the Rain, and so we're watching that now.

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