Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Getting Unstuck (Summer - Day Seven)

As you can tell, I've been blogging on a more regular basis again. So far, it feels like I'm just keeping track of mundane events. For example, today (May 24th) I spent a lot of time running errands:

  • Grocery Store Trip (for Cheri's cauliflower crumbles)
  • Picked up daughter from school
  • Took daughter to dental appointment (she scored 100% on brushing techniques!)
  • Dropped off both daughter at karate.
  • Hardware Store Trip (for a big bucket of black paint)
I probably managed to carve an hour or two of Duck Town scans. Emily and I helped backstage at Hello Dolly! The show is coming along swimmingly.

I should be working on a script scene for the Big Sandwich Theater Company -- but the words are a bit stuck. I'm hoping that journaling / blogging will get me unstuck, but so far I haven't generated anything I'm happy about.

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