Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer 2016 - Day One

Maybe if I keep track of these days of freedom they will last longer...

Although, the first day of summer vacation wasn't exactly free. I had a honey-do list to take care of... Took the kids to college and karate classes.

Cheri and I took the dogs to get digestible flea pills. Fun, fun, fun. Brendan -- one of the employees at TAGS scolded me because I let Chase meet another dog and, "if two dogs get caught in their leashes, no matter how friendly they are, it can turn ugly - just food for thought." He's a nice enough guy, but he shames me as a dog owner every other visit.

Oh, yesterday I finished inking Ducktown. Now it's all about scanning and photoshop.

Today was not about creative stuff. It was about the honey-do list. (Like signing Mackenzie up for her Space Camp.)

Emily had an academic triumph. 100% on her history essay (a comparative analysis of Episode Three of Roots.)

Prince has been dead for almost a month, so I've been slowing going through his catalog, honoring him in my own pathetic way, and thoroughly enjoying listening to his earlier work (I actually didn't became a fan until the early 90s).

I stopped by the theater to drop of the Hello Dolly lighting designer (Mackenzie) gave a kiss to the director (Cheri) and play a couple improv games with the improv impressario (Pat Mannion).

Around 10pm I noticed an email from my agent (who is on maternity leave). A publisher is looking for a winter themed picture book... I have a couple old drafts that might be a good match. That night, I dream of snow in the summertime.

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