Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer 2016 - Day Two

Woke up at 6:30 am -- no alarm clock, just my body thinking that I need to go to work -- even though my summer break has begun.

I wrote and revised until 10am. Sent off a draft of the picture book to the agency. By 10:30am it was sent to the publisher. Things are happening fast! Which is funny, since I haven't come up with a decent picture book idea throughout the whole school year. As soon as the semester is over -- BAM! -- a good idea does a crash landing in my brain.

Cheri and I have been walking the dogs everyday for about six months now. Today was no exception.

The morning was pleasant because I didn't remember... I didn't remember I had a dental appointment today! Cheri reminded me in the afternoon -- so I got to have a filling from Dr. Brian. As luck would have it, his dental assistant knows Brendan at Vet Clinic. Go figure.

Chris Flowers and I went to a Chicago Deli. We shared our outlines of the different play ideas. Chris outlined five different projects. I had only the one. We watched the girls play dodgeball. I took them home, but was uncharacteristically cranky when I found out I was supposed to take Kenzie to rehearsal. I didn't want to be late for the world premiere.

That's right, my one-act comedy-drama... STRANGERS.

Not sure how the audience felt about it, but it worked for me. Lots of theater folks were there (probably to see Shawnee Badger -- but I felt supported by my friends, nonetheless).

I almost ran over a bunny rabbit. I came charging at the Prius! Fortunately, when I looked around the car, there wasn't a rabbit in sight. I think it was a phantom bunny.

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