Monday, May 30, 2016

Comics Assemble! (Summer - Day 12)

I have probably created my graphic novel in the most backwards way possible...

Keep in mind, I'm not technologically savvy. I'm still in 1990s mode -- which explains why I still like to blog. I've seen Facebook and Instagram feeds of illustrators creating their works on iPads and Wacom Tablets, but here I am using good old fashioned pencil, paper, and ink. Then, phase two, was a good old computer scanner. But sometimes my drawings were so big, they didn't fit on the scanner.

But the most backwards phase so far has been trying to organize the individual images into the panels. It's been a fun challenge to say the least.

So, I was able to work on that, and finish Chapter Four. That means we still have eight more chapters to be assembled into Photoshop. I foolishly thought I would be done before June. Now the race is on to finish before July.

What else did we do today? Cheri and Mackenzie went to the second performance (sunday matinee) of Hello Dolly! Emily and I brought some goodies from Costco, as well as Stonefire Grill. She and I had an exciting psychic in the car. Emily was trying to get me to harmonize a Capella the Imagine Dragons song, Demons. I tried and failed several times, and she playfully scowled at me, then decided to turn on the radio so she didn't need to hear my out of tune crooning. GUess what song was playing on the radio? Demons. WHOA!

The cast and crew for Hello Dolly celebrated on the patio. Food was enjoyed by all, unless you arrived late. Mackenzie went out with some theater friends to see the new Alice movie. It's strange that the girls are getting old enough to go out without mom and dad.

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon...

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