Monday, May 30, 2016

Swim Day in Orange County (Summer - Day 13)

Thirteen has been my lucky number ever since Mack was born on Friday the 13th. Emily was born on Halloween, the 31st -- 13 in reverse. So, it's not surprising when thirteen-centric days are met with happiness. My thirteenth day of summer was a happy one because it was so simple. No work. No school. No errands.

We drove to our Orange County friends and hung out all day. Cheri went with her friends to see a movie and have lunch/dinner. Joshua, Joel, and I watched the kids, talked shop, ate pizza, and swam in the pool. We went to Islands for dinner, so now I'm full of cheddar fries.

Duck Town still looms, waiting to be complete. But today was fun and relaxing. 

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