Friday, May 27, 2016

New Projects: Coach Ted and Radio Play (Summer Day Nine)

Our errands for today:

  • Took daughter to her art class (she's an assistant teacher!)
  • The Bradford Family swept and painted the stage (more Hello Dolly! stuff)
  • Family lunch at Fresh Works. 
  • Walked the dogs. 
  • Returned stuff at Home Depot.
  • Picked up some Mic tape at CVS.
  • Quick run to Trader Joe's. 
We hadn't been to fresh works for a long time. They have a new soda machine by a company I've never heard of... and I really liked it. Plus, at least according to their signage, there's no high fructose corn syrup -- so it almost seems healthy! (Seems being the operative word.) 

I think it's an off-shoot of Pepsi (which I loathe), but these drinks were good. Really liked the Cream Soda. 

Wow, I just realized how suburban I am, droning on about a new carbonated beverage in the neighborhood. 

Anyway, I only scanned a few more images of Duck Town this evening. Most of my creative time was working on a new play idea. I'm tentatively calling it Coach Ted for now. It's unusual -- it gets a bit out of my comfort zone, which is good for a writer. 

Chris (from Bullshot Crummond) and I have tasked ourselves with an ambitious endeavor. We want to create a script by the end of the summer that might be performed with Randy and other CTG alum. We met at Barnes and Nobel tonight to brainstorm another idea -- one that will probably turn out to be the script we use because it has a lot of potential, and seems more mainstream/user-friendly. This one is based upon old time radio shows. That's all I'll say -- I never want to give away any spoilers on my blog. But whether or not these projects come to life, it's already fun just collaborating.  

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