Friday, May 20, 2016

Disney Day!!! (Summer 2016 - Day Three)

We got Disneyland passes a month ago.

I have mixed feelings about this. Cheri and I used to work at Disneyland, and I have mostly good memories of my two-year stint as a cast-member (with the exception of angry dads on vacation -- they are the worst!)

I also admit that like most little kids, my 6-year old self was obsessed with getting to Disneyland. And when my parents took me there it was the fulfillment of countless childhood dreams.

That said, Disneyland has just gotten too damn busy. Too many people. Too much crowd not enough magic.

Still, I am enjoying spending time with the girls -- even if it is waiting in line. (And if it's the Indiana Jones line, who cares if you're waiting, the line itself is one of the coolest places at D-Land!)

Cheri stayed home so she could work on the show. (She's co-directing Hello Dolly!)

Before journeying to the Magic Kingdom, I took care of a few projects -- mainly registering the girls for fall semester. Speaking of college, both girls have made great strides this week. Emily earned 100% on a history essay. Mackenzie scored well on her ACT, without even prepping for the test! They definitely got their intelligence from their mother!

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