Monday, March 2, 2015

Day #55: March is Feisty Month

What is Feisty Month?

What is Feisty Month???!!!

If you have to ask, then you don't deserve to know.

But I will tell you anyway. Feisty Month was invented by me and my best friend, Joshua Eklund. When we were roommates we often complain about our dead-end jobs and our pathetic lives. Then, just as spring was about to arrive, we started feeling differently. We became more confident, more positive, and even dare I say arrogant. We were feisty.

And so, we jokingly decided to make the entire month of March Feisty Month. It's been a ling time since Josh and I were roommates, and sometimes a year passes by when we forget that this is the month where we're supposed to take on the world with moxie. Now that we're settled with wives, kids, and day to day routines.

But I'm bringing Feisty Month back.

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