Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day #76: Oops, I Spent Money...

If you've been reading this blog and you've been wondering why I number each day, it's because I have given myself a challenge.

I am attempting to generate $20,000 of extra income within 365 days. So far, I've been having fun trying, but I haven't made very much progress.

Today, I realized I've back-tracked! Last month, I won the Oscar betting pool, earning an extra $210. That's goo, right?  The thing is, I procrastinated about taking that money to the bank and I gradually spent a little of it here and there, gave some to the wife and kids, bought some popsicles, that sort of thing. When I finally made a deposit into my savings account, the $210 had turned into a single hundred dollar bill.

That means my new challenge total is currently: $317.01.

Cue the wah-wah-wahhhh fail music.

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