Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day #73: Camp Omigosh Reaches 25% Mark

Things are going more smoothly with our new Camp Omigosh campaign. So far, we have already reached 25% of our goal.

Some people might be wondering: Why are we doing a crowdfunding campaign? Why not just publish the book and see what happens?

The book's publisher, Skyrocket Press is brand spanking new. It's run by an amazingly talented and dedicated woman (Laurisa White Reyes) who is hand selected a few projects each year, in hopes that Skyrocket Press will become a strong ally for literature that might not get the attention it deserves from mainstream publishers.

Much of the money we receive from Indiegogo goes straight into the production/distrubition/sale of the books.  Here's our goals:

  • Finalize the art work. ($250)
  • Complete the editing process. ($250)
  • Professionally format the text. (+100)
If we go beyond the $600 goal, then we'll be able to do a more professional job with formatting, and we can also devote some of the funds to marketing/advertising. 

Going into this, I know there's a very, very slim chance that Camp Omigosh will become a best seller. In fact, it might not even sell a hundred copies. But I am so passionate about this story because I know that if we can get it into the hands of young readers, many of those kids are going to LOVE the mystery, the adventure, and the humor of this book. 

Thanks for your help and continued support, dear reader. If you;d like to spread the word about the Camp Omigosh Campaign, here's the link to the Indiegogo Page.  

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