Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day #64: Challenge Total Update

It has been about 15 days since I posted anything about my $20,000 challenge total. That's probably because it hasn't gone up since I won the Oscar pool.

The total remains: $362.82.

If this trend continues, that means I'll be earning an average of $181.41 towards my goal.

That means by the end of the 365 days I will have made: $2176.92. That's a little over 10% of what I'd like to achieve.

Now, there's one thing I could have done that would have helped me reach at least fifty percent. I could have taught at Moorpark during the summer. I did that last year, and that added about $8000 (before taxes) to our bank account. But I didn't put in a request to work Summer 2015 because I wanted to focus on writing, and we're planning to visit to Washington for at least a month.

I guess it's about time for me to write the Great American Novel.

Oh wait, I wrote Camp Omigosh... Does that count?

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