Monday, March 9, 2015

Day #62: Kickstarter Lessons

Well, it's less than a week and we've earned a mere 10% of the Kickstarter funds. However, I don't view this as a failure or a negative experience.  I have learned a great deal during the past thirty days. And I plan to learn more when we re-launch the campaign...

But this time we're going to lower our expectations, our economic goals, and choose a different website... We're thinking of Indigogo, perhaps.

So what have I learned???

1) Facebook Is Not Enough. Trying to market myself on Facebook bores my friends and fatigues my fellow authors. I need to find other avenues in which to promote my work.

2) Going Viral Is Not Easy. I suppose I already knew this. My friend and I created a Youtube video series that we thought would take the world by storm. Instead, we received about 300 views, and then nada. However, I wasn't sure what it would be like with Kickstarter. I thought that perhaps once you posted it on their website, lots of random people would find you and there would be a snowball effect.  That didn't happen with Camp Omigosh.

3) I Need to Have Fun. If I'm not having fun promoting my work, people will have no reason to read my work. Interacting with the kids at Plum Canyon Elementary reminded me of how fun writing and creativity can be. I need to present that joy when I market myself.

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