Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day #65: Getting Ready for Indigogo

Speaking of Camp Omigosh, the Kickstarter Campaign isn't Kickstarting the way it's supposed to... I've already talked about why in a previous blog, so i won't spend anymore time explaining whhat went wrong.

I want to talk about what will be happening very soon. In less than a week, the Kickstarter campaign will be over. That's when I'll launch a new platform on an Indiegogo page. If you are wondering why we are bothering to try crowdfunding yet again, the reason is simple: At Indigogo you don't need to reach your total in order to receive the funds. That was the main problem with Kickstarter. If we didn't get to 4,500 then we don't receive a penny.

I'll let you know when the new crowdfunding page is up and running. I am determined to make Camp Omigosh happen... even if only one person buys the book! (Thanks, Mom!)

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