Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day #116: 90 Days Off Work!!!

Coming soon: SUMMER VACATION!!!

When I decided to become an English teacher, I chose that profession because I love talking about writing essays and literature analysis.

It's been a great career. Sure, I get bummed out when I a grading a big stack of papers, but working with students is fun and fulfilling work. I really do wake up and think to myself, "What am I going to talk about today? Oh good, we're discussing (insert literary concept)."

So, yeah, I'm lucky because I love my job. But despite my fondness for my career, I love my free time even more. And free time is just around the corner. Finals week is almost here, and I'm about to have ninety days off. I won't be teaching summer classes, which means I won't be back to work until August 14th.

So, the big question is... what am I going to do with my spare time?

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