Monday, May 4, 2015

Day #118: Collaborating with Marcus and Michael

I recall a drama class in which the instructor suggested that playwrights should not direct their own work. They are too in love with their own words; therefore, they won't be able to be as innovative and creative as a traditional director can be.

There might be a lot of truth to that, and I know there are thousands of directors better than me that could do a much better job of bringing my play (or any play) to life.

Still, I like directing my own plays. And it's not because I love my own words. Turns out, I often hate my words, and I cut a whole bunch out and change it. In a sense, directing a play is creating a second draft of the script, maybe even a third or a fourth.

During "The Three Musketeers," two of my friends and very funny actors (Marcus Langston and Michael Keane) came up with additional material and one liners. Some of their jokes made it into the play, and I think I'd like to add some of them if the script gets published.

Should I ask permission? Or just tie them up until they are willing to sign a waiver?

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  1. Can someone please untie me yet?! Anyone...? Anyone... still even out there? It's dark with the blindfold on!