Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day #145: I'm Getting Serious About Drawing

I've got this story I want to tell... and it needs to be a comic book... or a graphic novel, or something of that nature.

So, I've been drawing up a storm the last few days, and it feels really good. I've never been a professional caliber artist... I don't know that I'd even consider myself a talented amateur. However, I have been doodling all of my life. I've gone through phases, starting in elementary school, in which I would constantly draw. It started with an obsession with the Peanuts comics. It was reignited in my teens with Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes.

In junior high, I spent a whole school year drawing a comic book called "Ninja Man." And when I worked at the Grand Cinemas, I spent most of my box office time drawing "Space Bounty Hunters." Those creative, just-for-fun projects didn't shape me into the next Jack Kirby. But as I've returned yet again to the drawing board, I'm realizing that many of those cartooning instincts are still in tact.

I don't know if anyone will like this new story. And I don't know if I'll ever be able to draw well enough to be the one to tell it... But I'm gonna do my best.

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