Friday, May 1, 2015

Day #115: Little Paper Boats

One of my favorite children's book series has long been Curious George (some say he is my doppleganger). And among the many adventures he had undertaken (being captured by that evil yellow hatted man, huffing ether fumes, harassing firemen) my favorite moment is when George goes on a paper route and decides to make paper boats.

The world of publishing reminds me of Curious George and his paper boats. You take some words on a page, you try to make them float, and you send them off on a journey -- and you hope that someone loves that little paper boat the same way you do. (And you hope that some jerk doesn't start chucking rocks at something you created.)

Right now, I have two paper boats (picture books) floating out in the world. One if being polished up with pictures on the side, getting ready to voyage to New York City. Another one is currently in an exclusive harbor, somewhere near Boston. Will they sink, or will they sail?

I have no idea. But it's fun to watch from the shore.

Good luck, little boats!  

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