Monday, May 11, 2015

Day #124: Amazing Monologues -- Performed by Melissa Freson

I am endlessly flattered by the young performers that have chosen my monologues. I admit, I am rather narcissistic because every couple months or so I search on Youtube to see what's new. Oftentimes, the drama student hasn't memorized the piece. He/she simply reads lines from the computer screen, usually in their bedroom, and the result is an awkward cold reading that counts as good practice, but not necessarily something you want to put "out there."

Then, on rare occasions, someone comes along with great acting chops, good stage/camera presence, and a flair for direction. This month, that someone is Melissa Freson. She knocks each of my monologues out of the park. I especially love her take on Beatrix from "Promedy."

Excellent work, Melissa!

Beatrix from "Promedy"

The Operator from "CSI: Neverland"

Veronica from "Curse of the Pharaoh's Kiss"

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