Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day #129: Wade's Workshop at Showdown Con

For the first time ever, I'll be presenting a workshop for a writer's conference! It's the first annual Showdown Writer's Conference, and it's in Santa Clarita on October 24th.

Here's the workshop in a nutshell:

"Thinking Like A Playwright"
Instructor: Flip Kobler

Whether you’re a novelist, poet, or author, thinking like a playwright can expand and enhance your current project. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to get lean & mean on character, write kickin' dialog and create a page-turning plot. In addition, you’ll get some serious pros on the benefits of writing a play, plus get plenty of nuts & bolts info on getting published, getting produced and getting some doubloons in your pocket.

"Play Writing 101: Diving Into the Magical World of Stage Plays"
Instructor: Wade Bradford

Wade Bradford has been writing plays for fun and profit since 1999. In this workshop, he will teach you about scene work, character development, plot, stage directions, as well as the publishing world of plays for children, teens, and community theater. Come prepared with an idea to begin your play-writing project.

After those two sessions, Flip will teach another class -- this one will focus on Screenplay writing. 

This is only one of several tracks. They've also got a great fiction program. If you live in the area and want to find out more about entering the writing business, check out the Showdown Conference Website.

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