Monday, May 25, 2015

Day #139: Letting the Bad Ideas Come and Go

I'm on a quest to generate more children's books... and that means coming up with new ideas. Not all of my ideas are going to be winners, and that's okay. Sometimes I need to let myself come up with garbage p- just to get it out of my system. And, on rare occasions, I find gems in the junk.

Today's trash is a picture book idea about a dad who cannot find the family car, and so they wander lost in the parking lot. I wrote the beginning and the end... and I outlined the middle (very briefly). I worked on it enough to know that it's not the right project for me to spend a lot of time and energy on... but it was still productive in the sense that I figured out a suitable ending (one of my many challenges as a writer).

Now it's time to search for the next idea!

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