Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day #119: Working with Mike Davies

I love working with people who love to work on creative projects. You can't do a good show without them.

Everyone in the cast and crew of Three Musketeers fell into this category. I got very, very lucky.

For example, this guy:

Mike Davies. The first time I worked with him he was directing Romeo and Juliet. He cast me as Mercutio, and I've loved working with him, either as an actor or a director, ever since. In Musketeers, even though he's British, he's the only one with a French accent. And man, does he rock the French accent! This is the scene which made Cheri and I laugh out loud every performance:

He gives Sierra this comical look of extreme suspicion, you can't help but bust up! Michael Davies has one of the best work ethics. If you want to learn how to love theater, look at this guy. 

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