Friday, August 12, 2016

Anyone for Tennis? (Summer - Day 85)

Emily and I decided to use our local tennis court for the first time this summer. We are really bad, but it's so much fun. However, we decided the next time we would use the court would be during the evening. It's too hot!

Oh, yesterday, the girls watched "As Good As It Gets." They liked the movie but didn't like seeing Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt become romantically involved.

 Today, they have been watching 90s / early 00s TV -- Friends and Scrubs.

Cheri and I held our call backs at the Canyon Theatre Guild. We've got our cast! Six people with good chemistry and great acting chops. I think it's going to be very fun!

I've got a hundred pages left on Ready Player One. And Emily and I are now three episodes into Stranger Things, a show that becomes more engaging the more you watch it.

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