Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Second Day of Auditions (Summer - Day 83)

This evening another group of wonderful people arrived at the theater to read from the script, Around the World in 80 Days. It's going to be such a fun show...

But the not-so-fun part is that there are only five to six people in the show, which means that most of the people who audition won't get cast. :(

Cheri and I streamlined our list, and we'll be meeting with some people again this Thursday for a call back, of sorts.

Emily is very excited because Season Six of My Little Pony has just been released on Netflix.

I am almost finished with the Author Questionnaire. Slow and steady. 

And speaking of slow, I'm still reading this book... 

I'm taking my time, but I should be done before the school semester begins... and then it's back to academic stuff! (You know, like Charles Dickens and Stephen King.) 

Oh, I almost forgot... We met with our friend Keri at Stonefire Grill. I had my usual: 

Keri will be working as our assistant director, possibly even our stage manager! We're lucky to have her on board. 

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