Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Vacation Highlights (Summer - Day 78)

All right, people -- time for a slide show. Here are some of my favorite moments from my trip to Washington state.

We arrived at the end of June and were greeted by this beautiful view. This is my mom's place on Camano Island, our home away from home.

Meeting the neighbors.

Tons of Bald Eagles in this area called Barnum Point. Here are a few of them disguised as my family. 

Lake Chelan combines scorching hot temperatures with freezing cold water.

Spencer the Therapy Dog may need therapy after this.

We ran in the warrior dash. I may not have had the fastest time, 
but I definitely had the cleanest T-Shirt

Mucking about in the pond at Sun Country Golf Course.

Visited our Canadian friends!

Played Canadian Frisbee (or they just stared at an invisible hummingbird, I can't recall which)

Emily's new hair color.

Mackenzie's new job.

Two Arch-Geeks and their family.

Aqua-Sox! Minor League Baseball at it's best! (And cousin Kayla is down there dancing to YMCA!)

Attended yet another sporting event (very unlike me). At this one, cousin Cameron was a referee for a Sounders soccer game! PS -- Soccer fans scare me.

Mackenzie got her senior photos taken... Chase the dog looks quite noble here, 
but don't let the image fool you. He's a dum-dum. 

And we met a new member of the family. Our new nephew-dog, Kato!

It's been one of the best summers ever. And still 13 more days of left for me -- man, do I feel blessed.I better make the most of it.  Carpe Diem!

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