Monday, August 15, 2016

Laser Tag!!! (Summer - Day 88)

I like how I'm getting in a few stereotypical summer activities like beach days, hanging out with friends, and laser tag.

Today we journeyed to our friends in Orange County. It's one of our nephew's birthdays -- so we celebrated by eating lunch at The Olive Pit, and then blasted each other to bits in laser tag.

I was pathetic the first two rounds, but I adopted a better strategy on came in second place during round number three.

The place is called Laser Quest, and the maze inside is really cool -- dare I say, totally radical?

We drove home listening to Hamilton, and then took the dogs for a walk. They seemed rather lethargic after moping around all day by themselves. 

Our nephew up in Washington called us to practice his new job: selling knives. We didn't buy any, but hopefully we helped him by listening to his sales pitch. 

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