Monday, August 8, 2016

Around the World (Summer - Day 81)

Today I began to work on my author questionnaire for my upcoming picture book, Around the World in a Bathtub.

It might surprise you that I don't like writing about myself. At least not in an official business/marketing sort of way. So I only got about halfway through the question material before I just needed to stop and take a breather. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow.

While I've tinkered with that project I've also been watching the Olympics. I'm so thankful that NBC has offered live coverage on their website, because we don't have cable anymore. The downside is that if we want to watch the Olympics as a family we need to gather around the office computer... but it's better than nothing!

The big event of the day: Cheri and I held auditions for Around the World in 80 Days (lots of global titles, no?). Twelve people showed up... but because we have only five roles to fill, that's not a bad amount. Hopefully we'll have at least that many on Tuesday's audition. It should be a fun show. Very imaginative.

Speaking of which, we watched The Little Prince on Netflix.  It was an intriguing and ultimately engaging adaptation with an entirely new story built around it (and I was surprised that it worked so well).

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