Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Duck Town" -- Preparing for Lift Off

It happened yesterday.

My agent (aka the coolest person in the publishing business) completed her submissions list and sent "Duck Town" out into the world.

As we speak, my little graphic novel is waiting to appear on someone's computer, laptop, or iPad -- and hopefully the tale of Rainbow and her family will win their heart.

Now only time will time whether "Duck Town" finds a home. I did my best, now the book needs to find its own nest.

 "Duck Town" has been submitted to 13 editors. And 13 has been my lucky number ever since my daughter was born on Friday the Thirteenth. We will probably know within two weeks... Maybe sooner -- which is kinda terrifying.

For example, Abi has already received her first response. It was a "NO." (A nice, friendly "no," but still a "no" is a "no.") The reason was simple: the art style. So, that could be a big stumbling block. I'm the first to admit my drawings don't compare with the true masters children's book illustration. Still, I have hope that someone will look beyond the simple drawings and find a story worth sharing.

Keep your feathers crossed.

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