Thursday, August 11, 2016

Relaxing Before the Big Return (Summer - Day 84)

So far, this has been a slow-paced relaxing week... which is just what I need before the semester begins. I've been reading, drawing (a cover for Duck Town), and going through the audition sheets. (We'll be having call-backs on Thursday).

And I watched the Americans amaze the world in the Olympics games -- mainly the women's beach volleyball.

Cheri and I met with a college guide to talk about her potential plans for the future. Very exciting stuff! She received lots of great advice and information. I don't want her to fly away from the nest, but at the same time I can't wait to watch her soar.

Emily and I watched the second episode of "Stranger Things" -- a show that totally reminds me of 80's film-making, such as Poltergeist and E.T. (I'm going to have to find out who these Duffer Brothers are, I guess I'm out of the loop.)

And, of course, we watched a couple more episodes of My Little Pony. (This does not make me a Brony. I am just watching it to support my daughter's interests.)

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