Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Right Stuff (Summer - Day 86)

After we dropped off the girls at karate, Cheri and I had a date at the bookstore. (Barnes and Noble is one of our favorite places to hang out.) She found a pair of The Fault in Our Stars t-shirts on sale for 2 bucks each. (They are for the girls... Cheri and I won't be wearing them around town together, so don't worry.)

In the evening, Cheri, Mackenzie and I watched The Right Stuff.  (And I don't think it impressed them as much as I remember the film impressing me. Maybe it loses something with it's long running time and small tv screen?)

Still, I think it;s a great flick. I've seen it many times in my youth, and I love the way it keeps going back to Chuck Yeager -- one of the greatest pilots in history.

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