Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back in California (Summer - Day 76)

Two weeks of summer vacation and then -- BOOM -- it's back to work for me.

I'm going to miss all of this wonderful free time, but I am looking forward to teaching again. (I love to talk about composition and literature -- if only there weren't all of those pesky papers to grade.)

Today was our first full day back in he land of heat. It actually wasn't as hot as I feared... Only in the low nineties. But the house is stuffy amd the AC doesn't work properly. And our yard is dead. The grass has packed up and moved somewhere cooler.... Perhaps Hell.

I had a dental cleaning today, which always depresses me before (due to anticipation) and after (due to the shame of lackluster flossing).

The rest of the day, however, was encouraging and productive. I am adding several new panels to Duck Town, based upon my agent's sage advice. These extended scenes will add a bit more pathos.

Cheri and I watched Game of Throne, episode one of season two. I hope these characters will recognize their differences and many similarites and learn to get along with each other.

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