Saturday, June 25, 2016

Black Belts and Brainstorms (Summer - Day 38)

Spent the morning tinkering with part of the Radio Play. Wrote five new pages. Trying to create the finale sequence.

Cheri and I went to Costco. Shopping for tomorrow's cast hang out between the matinee and evening shows.

Met with Chris and Randy at Lucille's BBQ. In general, we know that the script is pretty good, not great maybe, but there's lots of potential. It's looking like I might get the part with very few lines (ala Harpo Marx). Assuming that's what happens, it's a welcome relief. I'll be co-directing "Around the World" with Cheri during the same months we'll be rehearsing the radio play -- so fewer lines is fine by me! I'll be busy enough as it is.

The girls were very impressive at karate this evening. They participated in the black belt testing of two of their friends: Jessica and Jasmine. Both of the new black belts passed, and did some impressive specialty performances, such as using an ariel flip to break a board that dangled from the ceiling, and smashing through bricks of ice.

Dropped Cheri off at Hello Dolly. Picked her up -- the girls rode along -- at
11pm. We saw Leslie Berra, visiting from Tennessee, but we didn't go out for dinner.  I think the cast and crew are saving their strength for tomorrow's double header.

During my spare time, either at home or at the karate studio, I brain-stormed a strange new idea for a daily comic strip. It's about a turtle and a mailbox. Perhaps next blog -- if I'm actually developing the idea -- I'll tell you more about it. 

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