Friday, June 10, 2016

Duck Town is Complete! (Summer - Day 22)

The first draft, including the text, illustrations, and photoshop formatting is at long last complete. Today was long but fulfilling. Most of it was spent at the computer, except for when we took the dogs for a walk or the girls to karate. 

The girls and I attended the Improv Workshop. Fun was had by all. Kier and I won with our newly formed duo, Poo Space -- the antithesis of the award winning "Pee Time," consisting of Marcus Langston and Stevie Beecher. Then, we did something new that Pat Mannion has come up with... A talk show. I thought it would be something fictional with wacky characters, but it's a host (this week it was Kier, last week it was Pat) and everyone just acts like themselves. It was surprisingly fascinating. 

When I went back to the task of finishing the last pages of Duck Town, I listened to a lot of Prince, which might seem like an odd choice when working on children's literature. The song that was playing when I finished the last page: Arms of Orion. One of my favorites. 

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