Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dog Rescue! (Summer - Day 36)

The Bradford Family finds lost dogs. Or maybe I should say, lost dogs seem to find us. If there's anyone in our neighborhood likely to stumble upon a stray or discover a lost pooch, it's us. It happened yesterday, when Mackenzie and I were on our way to register her at COC. We didn't get a block from her house when we discoved a pair of sniffer dogs (schnauzers). Fortunately, I knew which home they belonged, and the furry twosome were back indoors within fifteen minutes.

Today's rescue was a bit different. Mackenzie and I were following Cheri out to the car (she had her last water coloring class of the season and a lunch date with friends). Mack spotted this fluffy little white dog. he was adorable, and wagged his tail. He let Mackenzie pick him up. He didn't have a collar, but we were pretty sure he lived across the street. The only problem: the neighbors weren't home. So, we all took turns dog sitting throughout the day.

Cheri and I were going to hang out at Barnes and Noble and have a little date, but that didn't happen. While the girls were at karate, Cheri and I sat in our beach chairs in the front yard. The dog loved sitting on our laps. He's definitely pampered at home! All the time, our "real" dog Lizzie is staring at us through the living room window, outraged.

The neighbors reclaimed their dog, whose name is Louie, around 7pm. I should have taken photos! his dog was pretty darn cute.

 In other news, I finished a new picture book, based on the idea that was cooking yesterday. I don't know if this one is great. It received fair/slightly positive review from my critics. However, I had fun writing it, and was very grateful that it was such a smooth process. Usually it's a pain in the butt!

This means that so far this summer I have written: 3 picture books, the final chapter of my graphic novel, and 30 pages of a new play. Not bad for one month of summer break.

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