Monday, June 20, 2016

Heat Exhaustion (Summer - Day 34)

Sometimes I daydream about moving back to Washington state permanently. That urge has been very strong today because the temperature has reached 115 degrees.

I dropped off the Prius at the service department -- since we're getting ready for our trip. That means that most of the day was spent without the one automobile that has air conditioning.

I made good use of my time at the dealership. I finished draft number two of my latest attempt at a Paper Airplane picture book. It flowed more smoothly than yesterday, as I hoped it would.

Mackenzie and I drove through the heat, on a couple errands -- and during the trip I asked, "How hot would it need to get before people just start to drop dead." It was a morbid question, but one that would prove tragically apropos

You see, when I returned home (around 1pm) I discovered that our two outdoor rabbits died of heat exhaustion in their hutch. I foolishly thought they would be fine in their shady spot -- especially since they've lived their entire lives in Southern California. I had been keeping an eye on them too, wondering if I should set the hose nozzle to mist and give them a break from the heat. But I didn;t do anything.

I failed them.

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