Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Almost a Month! (Summer - Day 29)

Uh-oh, we're about to hit that one month mark. That means one third of my summer vacation will be over! Noooo!!!! Just like when I was a school boy, I still wish for summer break to last forever.

I'm happy to say that the first month has been relatively productive. So far:

-- wrote / submitted a brand new picture book
-- finished the first draft of Duck Town
-- wrote 33 pages of the Radio Play

Not bad. I can do better. The summer ain't over yet.

What happened today? Quite a bit of family business. We dropped off Mackenzie at Learn Beyond the Book. She's still helping Johny Hyman with the drone building class. We took Emily to SCVi where she gave a presentation of what she has learned throughout her ninth grade experience.

(Note: she added intentionally cheesy transitions to her powerpoint, last minute, just for me!)

Back at home, Cheri went to her water color class. Emily and I went shopping for a certain someone's birthday present.

Then, I worked on the script a bit more, until it was time to take Kenzie to a school meeting, then to the doctor's so they could sign her health form for camp, and then back home, then to karate. I should be an Uber driver!

 I manage to carve about two hours more of writing and reading time. Emily served as a good audience for some of the material.

I arrived at the Big Sandwich meeting around 8 o'clock. The read-thru went okay. I knew there were lots of flaws, but I think the characters are starting to show promise. Chris is going to take a crack at it. We'll see what happens next Thursday.

Which means, I have a weird blank space in my writkng life. I wonder what (if anything) I'll develop in the next seven days.

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